Welcome to my blog dedicated to my Journey with Teal....Ovarian Cancer. This blog is where I will make updates to my treatments and tests....hoping to keep blog friends updated and answer any questions from visitors. I did not pick this journey, but am doing the best I know how to walk strong and gracefully, with my Lord's continual strength!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am Back!

I know it has been 2 months since I posted....but those 2 months were dooseys!

I had my new chemo on Tuesday, and promptly ended up in the hospital on Friday.  I was there for 12 days.  Then I went back in 2 days for another weekend.

Apparently, I cannot take that chemo.  I guess I was near to death, although I have no recollection of it.  I had a TIA, which left me blind for a day, but thankfully, my sight came back.

The road to recovery has been difficult.  I am not where I was....I guess it will take a while.  I am able to do a few things now....but I still haven't driven.  I feel much better going with someone places.  My strength is slowly, and I mean slowly coming back.

Thank you for those who prayed for me.  I know that it was the many prayers that brought me back.

I do not know what the future will be considering treatment.  I see my doctor the first of the year...until then, I am just taking it easy....


Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Latest News

I will be starting my new trial chemo next Tuesday.  The next 3 weeks will be quite challenging, as I have to be at the doctor's office several days each week.  Then it will be only once a week.

I am so hopeful for this regimen.  They have had some encouraging results.  I could use some encouragement!!

I feel really well.  I have started noticing that my legs hurt a little less, now that I am off the Avastin.  Hopefully, this will continue to improve.

I had all my pretesting done today....it was a long day, but my son was with me, and he always keeps me laughing.  We went out for a fantastic breakfast - for lunch! 

Then I did a bit of shopping at Target and JoAnns....I really did find a couple of cute things....to be shown soon on my Thinkin' of Home blog!

So think of me next Tuesday.  Halloween day will be the 6th anniversary of my surgery.  They gave me 9 months!!  Praise the Lord, I am still here, loving life.

I hope you all love life too!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Day, New Post, New Plan

Went to the doctor today for my Avastin.  My doctor came out to talk to me and it was decided to stop the Avastin.  My CA125, the blasted thing, is slowly creeping up again and with my joint pain, tooth issue and eye issue, he feels it is time.

I will be detoxing for 2 more weeks and then starting on another trial.  There is high hopes for this new drug.  My doctor only got 5 spots...for OC and lung cancer.  So he wants me to get one.

My hair will thin a bit at the beginning...but hopefully, no total loss.  Never can be completely sure though.

I don't know if this is plan K or L....but I am hopeful.

I also had a thought.  I want to add a page to this blog of other Ovarian Cancer bloggers....fighters and survivors.  So if you are one or you know of someone, please have them comment to me.  Thanks.  I think us OCers.....need each others support.  Maybe we eventually could get the white house to go Teal???

Friday, September 28, 2012

I am Fine

Surgery went well and aside from feeling foggy all day, I have had very little pain.  I am so thankful for a great oral surgeon and for your prayers...I will be back when I can wake up a bit more!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hi Friends....

I am taking a moment to ask for prayer for tomorrow.  A couple of weeks ago I had horrible pain in my upper jaw.  I went to a dentist who told me that a molar is dead.  Nothing to save.  They must remove it and I am having that done tomorrow.

My 80 year old aunt wrote me a note that said...."if I remember correctly, you don't like the dentist!"

Oh, she is correct.  I have the first appointment and yes, I will be going to sleep.  Prayfully, I won't bleed too much (avastin side effect) and all will be over quickly.

When I am up and about again, I will let you know how I did.

The dentist told me that with what I have been through, this is a breeze.....wish my brain would get that!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am still here....

and still HOT, as most of us are right now.  I am so anxious for Fall.

I had a bit of a scare recently.  My vision in my left eye started bothering me.  I thought it was a floater, but when I went in to get some new contacts and glasses, I was told I have a dent on my cornea.  No, I didn't know that could happen either.  Apparently, it is a side effect of chemo that he was aware of.  There really isn't anything that can be done, I just have to adjust to it.

I immediately thought, oh someday, the day I don't want to rush...but someday the Lord will make me whole again and I won't have dented corneas anymore, no cancer, no achey ness....white teeth....and we will all find out that the perfect size is not an 8!!

So of course, when I see my oncologist in a couple of weeks, I am sure he is going to want to address this.  I have had so many different meds during this cancer....that I should be thankful it is only a dented cornea, and that my cornea just didn't fall off!!

We are praying right now for Ro's brother.  He has been battling cancer for approximately 7 or 8 years.  He is quite weak right now....so if you think of it, they would appreciate your prayers.

Someday, someone will find a cure for the dreaded C......I tell my doctor that after I am gone, they better not find out that standing on your head eating a banana is the cure!!  He said...."well, did you try that???"  See, there really is some humor in all of this!

Dented Ceekay signing off till next time!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thanks everyone for your kind words....

we have had some rain and that has helped a bit...it is still hot, but a bit more bearable.  I went out and watched a beautiful lightning show last night.  I sat on my patio and sang How Great Thou Art and Our God is an Awesome God....

I also had chemo yesterday morning.  All went well.  I do hate the pounds I have put on with this treatment...but, as my husband says....upright chubby is better than horizontal skinny!

Been trying to go swimming a few times each week and of course I get one walk in each day at least with Bentley Boy.

Overall, I feel good.  I will take it.  Although sometimes, I think, what does it feel like to be completely well, no treatments?  I have forgotten.  Praise God, I will someday know that feeling again....I am not rushing it, but when it comes, I will enjoy not being a pin cushion anymore!!

Have a great week.  Do something you enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


sorry....that pretty much sums it up.  I saw the oncologist today and had chemo.  All is well.  My body is just tired.  This heat is draining me.  My legs ache.  My eyes are itchy from dust in the air...and blah, blah, blah.

I am planning on resting most of tomorrow.  Then I should be more perky...is that correct???  more perkier by this weekend.

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers.  So many of you are so faithful in your prayers for me.

I am sorry I am not more upbeat right now.  I will get there.  Soon, I will be decorating our new place for the Fall.  Oh, wonderful, glorious Fall!  How many of us are counting the days?

Take care my friends!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sometimes I Worry...is that a shock?

I had my CT almost 2 weeks ago and saw my doctor this past Tuesday.  I try to stay positive but this time I was just plain scared....I just knew he was going to tell me I had to go back on traditional chemo.

But, that was not the case.  I again was "stable".  He did tell me his plan, which made sense to me this time....and I will be going on a new research drug when it opens up for its second run.  But he doesn't know exactly when that will be.

So, I am hanging in there.  I feel good.  I talked to him about my weakness in my legs...but we will not really know if it is the Avastin that is doing it, or just old age until I am off the Avastin.

We are enduring the heat....as most of you are.  I try not to rush my life, but October...where are you??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life has been a Little Busy

We got all moved and settled and then went full swing into my daughter's wedding June 23rd.  I have been making favors, finding deals, ordering...you know how that goes.

I saw my oncologist on Tuesday and I am doing well.  However, he is beginning to prepare me to go back on a traditional chemo.  I am not looking forward to it, but I understand his concern to zap things hard again.

So, this summer sometime, I will probably be saying goodbye to my hair once again.  But right now, I have a wedding to pull off!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy May Everyone!

I am back from 2 glorious weeks in Juno Beach, Florida.  I didn't really want to go because we had moved 4 days before, and everything was not done.  But my husband and my doctor TOLD me to go! and they were right.  The trip was the best thing for my nerves and strength.  The ocean is invigorating!

I got back late Monday evening and promptly had chemo Tuesday morning.  Then home to more unpacking...but it is done!  I have even taken time to go swimming in the community pool.  What a joy!

My daughter's wedding in June is now on the forefront....and I am thankful that I am able to participate in the planning.

God is good to me!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I know

that I keep saying the same thing here, but my doctor says that there isn't much better news for me than "stable".  I have been really battling my allergies this year, I think maybe the Avastin is aggravating it a bit as a running nose is a side effect anyways.
I must admit, I am a little tired of sneezing and blowing my nose, but I really have nothing to complain about.

As most of you already know, my husband and I are in the process of moving.  It really has taken a bit of a toll on my poor old body...but I am doing it!  More slowly than the past, but still getting it done.

I started another blog (mercy!) about our new to us, OLD mobile home that we are redoing...Doublewide Decor. If you would like to see what trouble we have gotten ourselves into, come and say Hi!

I hope you all had a great Easter.  We had a good one, worshipping and then  having dinner with some friends.  Different than we usually have, but it was good.  I couldn't do Easter dinner this year because our old home has no table and chairs...and our new one has no appliances.  What a mess!!

Talk to you soon.  Thank you to all my prayer warriors...you are all wonderful to pray for me!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am Stable again...PTL!

Saw my oncologist on Tuesday and he is more than happy with my scans.  He says I look good, blood is good...everything is good!

I will take it!

On to our move!  See my Thinkin' of Home blog for the latest on my "normal" life!!

Thank you for your prayers and concern...keep them coming...we appreciate it so much!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chemo today....all is well.

I had my Avastin infusion today.  Tomorrow will be my rest day.  I have a CT scan next Tuesday and praying for good results.  I feel good.  I have been trying to keep up physically with some family demands....so I enjoy the days when hubby is back at work and I can rest and refresh. 
My daughter is getting married in June.  It will be a small simple wedding, but as mom, I still want it to be beautiful and special for her.  On top of that my husband and I are still working on a huge project that I will share soon.

Well that is what is happening around here.  Please keep me in your prayers next Tuesday and for the results.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am grateful to say that not much is new going on with my cancer journey.  The Avastin is still working and I feel very well.  I still struggle with body aches...but hey, I am not getting any younger either.  I will celebrate, and believe you me, I will celebrate! my birthday this Saturday!

I hope all my friends in Blogland have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hi All.....

Haven't meant to stay away for so long.  My hubby and I have a big project going and frankly it is physically a bit much.  But getting it done, one day at a time!
I will have chemo again this coming Tuesday.  The biggest problem we have right now is that my insurance company doesn't want to pay for my CT scans.  We have a problem....so I will be anxious to hear what they have to say when I see the doctor.  They were supposed to be looking into it for me.
It is always something isn't it????

Hope you all are having a great January and 2012 has been good to you.....

Thanks for all the prayers.