Welcome to my blog dedicated to my Journey with Teal....Ovarian Cancer. This blog is where I will make updates to my treatments and tests....hoping to keep blog friends updated and answer any questions from visitors. I did not pick this journey, but am doing the best I know how to walk strong and gracefully, with my Lord's continual strength!

Monday, January 25, 2010

No Needles This Week!

I am excited. No needles this week! See, I don't like needles...I may be 50 plus years old, but inside, when they bring over the needles...I am about 5 inside! I tell my husband, who would have thought that I, who hates needles, would get them ALL the TIME! (No needles in Heaven...that is a good thing!)

I have no real exciting plans although I am hoping to go estate saleing with Candy later this week. Oh, I hope I find one bargain!

Feeling pretty good. Went to church yesterday. Now that may seem like a small thing, but getting up and getting ready and still having energy to GO, that is an accomplishment!

Anyways, have a great week everyone and thank you continually for all your concern and prayers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Had Chemo Today....

all went well. No traumas except for a defective infusion tube...but they fixed that. It is pouring rain here, which is very calming sounding. I am ready to hit the bed. Probably won't be posting until the end of the week. Hopefully, Sherry and my craft day will finally happen this Friday!!

Thanks for the prayers. I always count on them, every day, but especially "doctor" days!


Monday, January 11, 2010

My "GOOD" Week

This is the week I don't have chemo. I always feel "better" this week...more like myself. My hubby and I did a little thrift shopping...not too much luck though.
I wanted to mention that Sherry and I were not able to get together as she has been really sick with Upper Respitory issues. She was kind enough NOT to come over when she was sick...understanding that my immune system is not what it used to be. We are hoping for Jan 22.
Chemo will be next Tuesday, due to MLK day. Blood on Saturday. Oh, I hate those blood days!
I am so thankful that I still have good days! In comparison to so many, I am so blessed.
Thanks for your prayers, as always....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chemo Day Tuesday

Just to let you know that all went well with the chemo on Tuesday. I was pretty much done when I got home, but didn't sleep the best...which is usual. I crashed this morning for a couple hours...but probably will sleep really well tonight! Feeling pretty good. My red blood count is dipping a little low, so I have to watch that. This is another norm for me. Sometimes I have had to have blood transfusions...but I am eating red meat and beets to try to avoid that some. I try to avoid taking Iron pills...as, well, you know what they can do to you...but if it gets any lower, I will have to do it!

Looking forward to Friday...Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix is coming over for a craft day!

Vertical and Fun! It doesn't get much better than that!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Seriously...why does this happen all the time?

I really thought all would go smoothly for this chemo, but since this is my place to tell this journey, here we go again.
I went to have my pre-chemo labs done at the SAME place I have gone for 3 years. I write and tell them I have 2 standing orders. OK
I get called into the room and the girl pulls out the tubes. I said, only 4 tubes...there should be 2 orders (AGAIN). "Yes, there is 2 orders...4 tubes." OK

I go home. Chemo is tomorrow afternoon. Life is good. I will only have a poke to the port and one to my sad vein in the arm. I can do this.

Phone rings. The lab. "Uh, there has been a mistake. We did have 2 orders but 1 for this doctor and 1 for this one, (who I am not going to right now)". Seriously. I tell them, " Well, this is a problem. I need those tests before I can have chemo, and I am on a clinical trial and you can't miss a day". "Well come back tomorrow morning (no problem, surely I had NO OTHER PLANS) and we will stat the order". OKKKKKKKKKKKKK

I call my doctor. They check the computer. Yep, wrong order. Go first thing....but here is the crack up I think. They want to know who is going to pay for this. What? what about my arm? That is the issue....I am the one getting poked AGAIN.

Oh, unbelievable. Lord, keep me gracious. Cuz, this vein thing and the mistakes....it's getting old!