Welcome to my blog dedicated to my Journey with Teal....Ovarian Cancer. This blog is where I will make updates to my treatments and tests....hoping to keep blog friends updated and answer any questions from visitors. I did not pick this journey, but am doing the best I know how to walk strong and gracefully, with my Lord's continual strength!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am still amazed!

I have a new treasure which I will show on my other blog soon. It is my blog in book form. It is so wonderful to see all my blogging work in hand. I took it to chemo today and doctor was totally into it. Apparently, blogging is an issue the cancer trials are looking at. My doctor wants me to be interviewed regarding it! How great is that?!?! God is so good and what an answer to my prayers. I pray eveyday that I will be the person whats me to be....and do what I can to show grace and reality in this walk.
I am typing this in the chemo chair...it is so busy here to day. Too much cancer. They are so good to me here...I really love it. If you can love a doctor's office!

I think I will mention this....because I read so many blogs where cancer is new to them. And they have so many questions. But one that is often asked...does getting the chemo hurt? No.

Most chemo patients get a port....that is another story for another day. They put a special needle into the port. They can numb the skin if you want it. You feel the push, but really no pain. Some of the premeds make you a little drowsy, but the chemo doesn't feel like anything. I do know some get nauseous from a taste you may get....I never have! I will never get rid of my port unless I have to. I no longer worry if anyone sees it...it is barely noticeable.

So that is it for today! Thanks for all your encouragement through your comments.


Heather said...

ooh, can't wait to see the book version! i've thought of doing that too but haven't moved much past the thought, lol.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Wow, You will be such an inspiration to so many people. I admire you so much. I had a dad who had cancer and I admired him to. He had chemo and radiation. He never complained not one time. I know they are doing so much more now with cancer and for that I am very happy. You share with us how 'real' it is and are so inspirational. Good luck with your new journey!!!
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Marydon Ford said...

Ceekay, you are one amazing lady. That is great the Dr. is so interested, & an interview ... well, you famous lady you ...

Prayers are still lifting for you.

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Hugs, Marydon

Blondie's Journal said...

Such exciting news. I heard of having your blog put in book form...that is so awesome...maybe I will in 10 years when it is thick enough...I am so sporadic with posts.

You know, Ceekay...call me naive, but I always wondered what a port was. When Ashley wrote that she would be going to get her port cleaned, I was confused and embarrassed to ask. So thanks for answering that question. You are not only strong, you are honest and open. I love that.

Can't wait to see your book!!!! :-)


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

You are so special!I saw that somewhere about getting your blog in book form, but I don't remember where??? What an inspiration you are.
Hugs Ceekay!

Bernie said...

So glad you are doing so well, I was one of the people who had that horrible metallic taste in my mouth but all passed when I finished my chemo.
Great news that your Dr. is so interested in your blog and you are so right every day there seems to be a new blogger diagnosed with cancer. My heart feels for all of them
Keeping you in my prayers......:-) Hugs

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh CeeKay Sweetie...
I so love you. I thank you and treasure the time we have spent together, the stories we have shared, the crafting time we have laughed through.

I thank you sweet friend, as we know, both of us, how short and precious our lives are. I do not want to waste anymore time, not telling people how I truly feel.

You my special friend, have truly blessed my life with so much love from your heart. Thank you, thank you so much. I so look forward to the next umpteen years together blogging and crafting, as we have so many things left to do.

I love you CeeKay, and thank you for loving me just the way I am. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

Melinda said...

I am new to your blog, but wanted to let you know that I can completely relate to what you're going through. My mom fought Ovarian cancer for six years, then she lost her fight.

I've said many times, I could write a book on Ovarian cancer, maybe someday I will. I was her primary caregiver and learned to do things I never thought I would have to do.

Hang in there girl. Lots of people of praying for you.

Melinda in Birmingham