Welcome to my blog dedicated to my Journey with Teal....Ovarian Cancer. This blog is where I will make updates to my treatments and tests....hoping to keep blog friends updated and answer any questions from visitors. I did not pick this journey, but am doing the best I know how to walk strong and gracefully, with my Lord's continual strength!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Forgive me....

for not posting, but if you read Thinkin' of Home, you know that I have done a bit of traveling and we bought a little place up north in Payson.

I was on a girlfriend trip for 3 weeks, but I realized about a week in that would be my last long trip by myself.  I just can't handle all the activity around the airports like I used to.  But I had a good time.

As far as my health, I am basically on a stable curve.  My CA125 is stable, still high, but not rising.  I am on a 3 week a month Abraxene regimen.  No hair, my nails are a mess, and I have achy legs.  But otherwise, I am able to function day by day.

I love reading blogs and see all your gorgeous big homes, but I also realize, I can't do that anymore either.  My 1200 sq ft home is enough for me.  I love my little cabin-ette up north.  She is only about 500 square feet and that feels just about right!

I still am able most days to walk Bentley a block or so to go potty.  He is my buddy.  The heat gets to both of us.  My weight is pretty much stable also.  I would love to lose about 20 pounds, but I enjoy my desserts too much!  I sure am not able to eat what I used to.....things have to really appeal to me, because most things are sorta bland tasting to me.

I am trying to get family pictures organized, which I must say is daunting.  I can only do it for so long and then I am done. 

My days are quiet.  Hubby still works, so I have a longggg day to occupy myself.  However, I seem to find contentment watching Junk Gypsys, Flea market flip and the like.  Energy is the item of my youth.  I have reckoned myself to using the "riders" at Walmart.  Otherwise, I am done for the rest of the day.

It will be 8 years this October I have been on this journey.  I didn't pick it....but I try to live it Joyfully and peacefully as the Lord gives me the strength.  I would love to have another 8 or 18.....but I will enjoy each day I do get!

Well, now you are caught up!!  Hope your summer is going well.  Me, I am ready for Fall....which comes about November around here!!


Helen said...

You are an inspiration to all of us ..... Fighting the good fight, embracing each day as it comes. As I grow older I also appreciate smaller spaces, less hustle and bustle .. peace and quiet. Love that you have your little cabin!

Stay strong, Helen.

Susan Newbigging said...

Cee,Kay you are a strong person. I admire you so much. You have handled your illness with such grace.
I hope you remember me, I am Susan at Susan's Hearts and Flowers. I dropped out of blogging for awhile but am now back.

Theresa said...

Traveling is nice but home is nicer:) I am happy to hear you are doing well! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Debby said...

Bless your heart....You are a fighter.
I agree about smaller spaces. We have our house listed and hopefully will be moving to much smaller place. Glad you are enjoying your new little space.
I hope you regain some strength. Don't worry about that weight.
Hugs and prayers

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Glad you are doing okay, Ceekay...sounds like you are enjoying life right now. And we all need dessert!

Beth said...

You are amazing, Ceekay. Glad you are able to function and enjoy life. Praying for a long, heathier life for you. You inspire!

Vee said...

Oh I am glad to catch up with you here. So glad that your health is stable. I am only sorry that your meds give you the side effects that you describe. It's a trade-off I am sure. 500 square feet sounds about right to me, too! =D I'm glad that you have that sweet vacation spot.

Rebecca Nelson said...

So good to read this 'update' on you my friend. You are so positive and strong. You make me smile.

Our pastor's young daughter was diagnosed with OC about two years ago. She is just now 30 and formed a Non-Profit ORG for Cancer survivors. I think of you each time I see her. She is cancer free right now and I pray she always will be.

Blessings...I've missed you!

Love, Rebecca

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