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Friday, February 11, 2011

My day with the CT scan

In wanting to keep it real, I have to share my experience yesterday while getting my CT scan.

I have been sick all week with some kind of crud.  I even called my chemo nurse to make sure she knew I was ill and should I still have the scan.  She said yes unless I got sicker.  So the night before the scan and the morning of I took the following meds:  my high blood pressure pill, my 2 chemo pills, 2 advil cold pills, and 32 mg of predisone for premeds for scan.  I was feeling a bit fuzzy.

I go in, drink my mega water and get called back.  There was a different nurse than I normally have and she takes me to the dressing closet and tells me everything off but my panties and shoes and gives me 2 gowns to wear.  I am thinking in my head.  I KNOW, I have done this a hundred times.  Thank you Jesus for giving me the wisdom this once to keep my mouth shut!

So I get the gowns on and I go out and they are ready for me.  The nurse looks at me and says "oh hon, could you put the gowns on the other way so we can access your port. (Meaning back gown on first then the top gown.)  I said oh yes, I am sorry, I know better.

I go into the closet again and I take off the gowns and stand there and cannot for the life of me figure out what I am supposed to do.  I kept putting them on and off, no, that isn't right...I am needing now to go to the restroom from all the water and the giggling.  Finally, I get it right.  Whew....

I go with the nurse to the CT room and get on the little "bed".  They position me and get my port all set up.  Then they do the trial run.  Take a deep breath, bed goes in, hold it....bed comes out, breathe.

Nurse comes in to check on port, or so I thought.  She says to me "hon, do you think we could take your bra off?"  I am thinking my bra? is it on?  what?  then she says, but you can't sit up...we don't want to lose your position.

Huh?  Now, ladies....I am just going to say here that God blessed me, if you know what I mean.  How am I getting this bra off without moving?  Ok, left arm out, right arm, don't mess the port, out.....arch back...she slips her hand to unhook my bra.."ok, I got it, oh, no, there are 3  hooks!!  No, seriously...just keeping it real! 

As my bra slips off the side of me I am thinking thank you Jesus...I wore a pretty bra today...and not the orthopedic one!!

I am sure they are all still talking about it!


Bernie said...

Quite a day you had, had to be the cold pills that made you fuzzy! At least the nurse was nice about it......hope the test comes back all clear sweetie, have a great weekend....Hugs

Susan said...

Bless your heart Ceekay! You sure had a hard day! Hugs! I know everything is going to come back and say your just fine!!

Karen said...

You are too funny. As you were on your voice mail...I had to listen to it twice! :)
Keep me posted on your results. When do you get them?
Hugs! Me.

Rose said...

what a time. there are tose days we just have to try to forget. take care rose

Brown Shoe said...

I understand dear one. I will celebrate my 10th year cancer free (breast cancer) this Easter. Praying for you! Linda J.

Vicki said...

Bless your heart...I just started following your blog but I can tell you are one strong lady....Blessings to you....